In Fortrans News

2002, Summer – FORT Adds New Service Center in LaCrosse, Wisconsin
FORT establishes a new service center in LaCrosse to expand our service areas. The new center improves transit times to Western Wisconsin, Eastern Minnesota and Eastern Iowa.

2002, Spring – FORT Delivers Peace of Mind
FORT invests in new technology to ensure our customers’ shipments arrive on time – every time. We installed in-cab fleet information systems in our trucks employing satellite technology (GPS). PeopleNet Communications Corporation supports this technology. With this system, we can pinpoint your shipments location within blocks of our assigned destination. Our dispatch team regularly monitors our trucks to ensure on time service.

2002, Spring – FORT Develops Internet-Based Customer Service Tools
FORT launches internet tools for (a) pickup requests, (b) shipment tracing, (c) rate quotes, (d) freight claims handling and (e) customer inquiries

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